SOS Security Services Ltd is committed to comply with all applicable environmental legislation as well as achieving environmental best practice throughout its business activities, wherever this is practicable. Furthermore, the company seeks continuous improvement of its environmental performance by setting targets within the company to achieve its aimed objectives.

The company conducts internal environmental reviews to measure environmental performance and to ensure compliance with statutory legislation and other requirements applicable to the business activities. The company will set environmental objectives and targets with the support of professional advice. Performance indicators are set at UK level, paying particular attention to:

(1)  Reducing stationary, packaging and office consumables consumption, both virgin and recycled, for internal company use.

(2)  Recycling/re-using internal company stationary, packaging, electrical & white goods, and consumables where this is practicable.

(3)  Reducing non-renewable energy usage in company buildings and fossil fuels for vehicles and seek to increase the usage of energy from alternative sustainable sources as they become available.

(4)  Increasing the use of alternatives to hazardous chemicals, materials, and substances, which are more readily biodegradable or have less impact on the environment.

(5)  Training company staff in environmental awareness and environmental management systems.

(6)  Procuring products from sustainable sources wherever possible.

(7)  Managing waste streams effectively and reducing the amount of waste going to landfill.

(8)  Using the best available techniques to reduce emissions to air and water, and prevent uncontrolled accidental release.

SOS Security Services Ltd provides security services to businesses and is committed to promote environmental awareness amongst its clients and, where practical, actively encourage them to adopt the best environmental practices. The company will seek to influence and encourage (through the selection and management processes) key suppliers and contractors to adopt best practices and reduce their impact on the environment.

This policy is implemented through the management structure of SOS Security Services Ltd. It is reviewed on a regular basis and updated to reflect improved environmental awareness, adoption of new technologies, the development of alternative resources and changing legislative requirements. 

This policy is implemented throughout the company and is freely available to all stakeholders via company website.
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